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Usborne - Helicopters book

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Catalog Number 09,0101 (907279 M-biurko)

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Usborne - Helicopters book
"Helicopters" is a fascinating book that answers the questions: what makes a helicopter fly? How do emergency services use these machines? Why are helicopters so important on the battlefield? Richly illustrated with photographs and cartoonish illustrations, this unique publication presents in simple terms various types of helicopters, from air ambulances to the fierce Apache Longbow.
In the book you will find both interesting facts and trivia about helicopters. Thanks to the simple text, readers get clear and understandable explanations that make it easier to understand how these machines work. Reflecting the diverse uses of helicopters, the book shows how emergency services use them in emergencies and how they play a critical role on the battlefield.
In addition, the book "Helicopters" offers web links to specially selected sites that provide additional information about helicopters. Readers can explore the subject even further using these online resources.
Special features:
- for lovers of helicopters and aviation
- soft cover, color photos and illustrations
- chalk paper
- by Emily Bone
- book in English
- 80 pages

Product dimensions: 20 x 15 x 1 cm
Product weight: 0.23 kg
Minimum order: 1 piece
Stand/display: none
ISBN: 9781474907279
I recommend Agata Pańkowska - Independant Usborne Organizer
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