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Shopping regulations

Shopping regulations
1. The owner of the website is L.Pańkowski - Labopak System Sp.K. | ul. Batorego 4 | 05-400 Otwock, KRS 0000134024, NIP 5321821157, REGON 015269070 - hereinafter referred to as KEMIŚ.
2. KEMIŚ conducts wholesale sales to entities conducting business activity. KEMIŚ does not sell retail.
3. Regulations - these Purchase Regulations for the website.
4. Shop - domain that allows you to purchase KEMIŚ products electronically, available at the Internet address: Logging in to the website, as well as completing the ordering process requires registration.
5. Registration - providing the data required in the Form and creating an Account in the Store. Registration is required for acceptance of the Regulations.
6. Form - a form available in the Online Store that allows you to create an Account.
7. Customer - a registered user of the Store who has an Account
8. Account - an individual resource (login) and a password provided by the Customer, a set of resources in the KEMIŚ telematics system, in which the data provided by the Customer and information about orders placed by him in the Store are collected.
9. Order - Customer's declaration of intent submitted via the Form and aiming directly at concluding the Product Sales Agreement with KEMIŚ.
10. Product - a movable item available in the Online Store being the subject of a Sales Agreement between the Customer and KEMIŚ. All products offered at KEMIŚ are new, free of physical and legal defects, and have been legally introduced on the Polish market. An exception may be products in the "sales" section - where the description of the fault is precisely described.
11. Sales contract - a product exchange transaction for money concluded or concluded between the Customer and KEMIŚ via the Store.
12. The Customer is obliged to use the Online Store in a manner consistent with the law and morality, keeping in mind the respect of personal rights and copyrights and intellectual property of KEMIŚ and third parties and entering data consistent with the facts.
13. All prices quoted on websites are net prices (do not include VAT tax) given in Polish zlotys. Binding for the parties to the transaction is the price shown next to the product at the time of placing the order by the customer.
Terms of purchase:
Minimum order EUR 100 net
250 - 500 EUR - 5% discount
501 - 1250 EUR - 7% discount
Over 1251 EUR - 9% discount
14. The total price including taxes of the Product being the subject of the Order, as well as delivery costs (including transport and delivery charges) and other costs, and if it is impossible to determine the amount of these fees - about the obligation to pay, the Customer is informed Store pages when placing orders, including when the customer wishes to be bound by the Sales Agreement.
15. KEMIŚ reserves the right to execute a partial order, if the actual state of affairs is different from the state indicated on the website. Decreasing the order due to the fault of KEMIŚ does not affect automatically granted privileges and rebates.
16. Before shipment, a visual registration of the goods being sent is carried out, which is an aid when reporting a complaint regarding the content of the shipment.
17. The delivery time is 2-3 business days. At the same time KEMIŚ makes every effort to minimize the time of shipment.
18. KEMIŚ points out that due to transactions between entrepreneurs, the Customer is not entitled to withdrawal and other rights resulting from the Act on the protection of consumer rights.
19. Product delivery is available on the territory of Poland. Delivery outside Poland may be subject to individual customer arrangements with KEMIŚ.
20. The Buyer agrees that KEMIŚ sends VAT invoices and correcting invoices electronically without the signature of the exhibitor to the e-mail address given when placing the order.
 21. Complaints are accepted via the form available at: In the complaint, please provide: invoice number, product catalog number, description and type of damage, photos documenting damage. The complaint will be processed within a maximum of 10 business days.
22. Using the Store requires the acceptance of cookies by the user's browser. It is also a condition of correct setting up an Account and placing an Order.
23. All designs of websites, texts, graphics, their selection and layout, all compilations of the underlying source code software, software and all other materials on this website are protected by KEMIŚ or the rights of technology providers.

  24. Permission is granted for electronic copying and printing of parts of the page only for the purpose of ordering KEMIŚ or using this site for shopping purposes. Any other use of materials from this website - including reproduction for purposes other than those mentioned above, modification, distribution or publication - without the prior permission of KEMIŚ is prohibited.
25. The administrator of personal data is KEMIŚ. The Administrator takes special care to protect the interests of the data subjects.
26. Providing personal data by the buyer is voluntary, but necessary to perform the contract.
27. Every person whose personal data is processed by KEMIŚ has the right to their individual control, their rectification and supplementation, their removal, limitation of their processing, their transfer, lodging a complaint to the supervisory body. (the full privacy policy can be found here).
28. Customer's personal data collected by the administrator via the Online Store is collected - in accordance with the will of the customer - to implement the Sales Agreement.
29. KEMIŚ reserves the right to change the assortment and its prices presented on the wholesale platform and to conduct and finish promotional campaigns ahead of time.
30. KEMIŚ reserves the right to errors in the IT system serving the platform as to the availability of the goods.
31. KEMIŚ is not responsible for the functioning of telecommunications interfaces and connections that are not owned or operated by it, in particular interfaces used to execute transactions by the Customer.
32. The Customer has the option, at any time and without giving any reason, to delete the Account (cancel the Account) by sending a relevant request to KEMIŚ.
33. KEMIŚ is entitled at any time to unilaterally introduce changes or additions to these regulations, about which the Customer will be informed by e-mail. If the customer fails to report any objections to changes within 14 days, the Regulations shall apply to him in a new form, with changes made.
34. The terms of cooperation are defined only in the Regulations. All information or advertising materials regarding cooperation and the Services are for information purposes only and are not legally binding.
35. The General Court competent for examining disputes arising from the regulations is the court competent for the seat of KEMIŚ.
Settlement of transactions by payment card and e-transfer is carried out via


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