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Over 2500 clients

Over 2500 clients - What does it mean in practice?


Everyone Matters Equally

Whether you run a small shop or a large retail chain, every client is important to us. We want you to feel special, which is why we don’t just look at the value of your order, but how we can assist you best. With us, every order, be it for 200 PLN or 20,000 PLN, is treated with the same care and diligence. As a family-owned business, we truly understand that today's small shop can be tomorrow's big client.


A Community That Empowers

Think we're just a wholesaler? Think again! By partnering with us, you become a part of a community of over 2500 satisfied clients from all across Europe. This is not just about access to fantastic products but also insights, advice, and tips that we consistently share. Together, we create a community where the exchange of knowledge and experiences helps everyone grow.


Safety and Benefits Combined

Collaborating with us is, above all, your chance for success. With us, you can be assured of timely deliveries, access to a broad product range, and competitive prices. Moreover, we genuinely understand your needs! This is why we offer options like ordering even just a single item instead of entire boxes. We pack our goods securely and swiftly. We acknowledge that your money should be working for you, and every product we provide is meant to yield you profit. The benefits? Satisfied customers of your shop, increasing profits, and the certainty that you're in good hands.


Together Towards Greater Success

We deeply recognize that your growth mirrors our growth. When you thrive, we benefit too. This is why we are always committed to supporting you the best we can. And while it might sound like a cliché from a motivational poster - together, we truly can achieve more. Your success is our shared objective, and at Kemis, we want you to feel not just as a customer but as a business partner. We are confident that together, we can achieve extraordinary things!


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