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Brass perpetual calendar on a wooden base

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Brass perpetual calendar on a wooden base
Finds every day of the week in 1600-2799! It's an old system called Dominical letters - Sunday letters.
How to use the calendar?
Let's say we want to check which day of the week falls on March 2, 2019. For this, we turn the calendar to the face of the moon. In the moving ring, we look for the number 20 and put it in line with the number 19, which we find on the stationary dial. Then we move the rear sight with the inscription Letra Dominical to the 19th, which allows us to check which letter was under the 20th when the 20th and 19th were in one line. In our case it is the letter F.
The next move is on the face of the sun's face. We place the month of March marked on the ring with the letters MAR under F. After that, we see that the 2nd day of the month - we are now looking at the lower part of the fixed dial showing days from 1 to 31, coincides with the letter S, which means that on March 2, 2019 . to S - Saturday.
In the case of a leap year, it will turn out that we will meet 2 letters in the Szczerbinka. Then the rule is that the first of them applies to March 1 of a given year, and the second applies to each day after March 1 of that year. Remaining steps as above. Example: let's check what day of the week is June 10, 2020. On the side of the moon, we place the 20 movable disk under the 20 on the stationary one. We use the rear sight and see that under the 20 there are the letters D, E. We are talking about the date after March 15th, so we take into account the letter D. With this information we go to the page with the sun face. JUN - June is placed under D. At the bottom we can see that the 10th of June is under X–miercoles - Wednesday.
The calendar is based on the names of the month and days of the week in Spanish. Below the translation:
Month names:
Ene- enero - January
Feb - febrero - February
Mar - Marzo - March
Abr- abril - April
May- mayo - May
Jun - junio - June
Jul - Julio - July
Ago- agosto - August
Sep - September - September
Oct - octubre - October
Nov - Noviembre - November
Dic - diciembre - December
Days of the week:
L - lunes - Monday.
M - martes - Tuesday.
X - miércoles - Wednesday.
J - jueves - Thursday.
V - viernes - Friday.
S - Saturday - Saturday.
D - domingo - Sunday
Centuria - age
Letra dominical - Sunday letter
The gadget at a glance:
- perpetual calendar based on
- made of brass, base made of wood
- hand-made
- dimensions: dia. 9cm, d. 6cm.
- gift packaging with an injection molding, wrapped
- original user manual in several languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian.
- a great gift for an astronomer, a gift for an astronomy lover
Product dimensions: 14.5 x12.5 x 4 cm
Product weight: 0.45 kg
Minimum order: 1 piece
Stand / display: none 
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 13 May, 2022.
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