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About us
Kemiś is a family business that started with my father's passion for… photography.
Dad not only took great photos, but also sold envelopes for publishing photos to his friends, bringing them in a Polonaise with a trailer from Germany. The demand was so great that he made a business out of it.
From the very beginning I was fascinated by this world, so I got involved in the company as much as I could.
I remember back in 2004, when I talked my dad into importing digital frames from China. It was a simple product - an ordinary LCD screen, thanks to which, instead of 1 photo, it was possible to display over 1000 photos in the frame.
It turned out to be a shot at 10.
We hit the absolute best moment on the market. Before we knew it, we had become so popular that our product was bought by companies in every major skyscraper in Warsaw and beyond.
This was followed by further successes.
We took part in the "Absolut" vodka campaign, and our "levitating bottle full of vodka" could be seen in practically every Polish bar. We created inserts for the "Bravo" magazine during the World Cup. Even the famous "Polsat Passport" was produced by us.
Everything was going great until 2008 ...
At that time, we mainly relied on the advertising market. Then came the global crisis, which caused almost all companies in the industry to freeze their capital.
We lost 90% of our turnover. It practically wiped our company off the face of the earth.
We had to cut all unnecessary expenses immediately - both corporate and private. It was very hard…
But we didn't give up!
We immediately began looking for alternative ways to do business in the new and difficult times.
This is how we started rebuilding the company step by step.
We set up a retail store, and shortly after that, an online store. We sold unusual products, so there were a lot of people willing. The situation finally started to improve.
In February 2010, my dad retired from the business due to illness, and at the age of 26, I became fully responsible for the further development of the company.
It was then that we decided to try our hand at wholesale.
And this is how Kemiś was created.
From the beginning, the mission of the wholesaler was to help small and medium-sized enterprises develop by providing them with well-selling products. And in small quantities that they could not get from other wholesalers.
Despite the fact that we were developing quickly (in February we earned only PLN 47, and at the end of December we already had PLN 98,000), something still bothered me.
I couldn't accept the fact that the wholesaler sells the same products as my retail store. So in practice I was competing with my own clients! When I saw this, I immediately closed the retail store. And I never went back to that practice.
We can see that our clients appreciate this honest approach, because the company is doing better and better every year. The best proof of this is that at the end of 2021 our income was already over PLN 3,200,000.
In recent years, we have received a distinction twice from the "Business Gazelles" - the oldest, most reliable and most popular ranking of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland.
And we're not going to stop there!
================================================== ===================================
We are a family company in which the 2-generation is currently working. Why is it so important? Because as a family business, we build all our activities based on long-term plans and relationships. This makes our suppliers meet high standards confirmed by numerous certificates and there is no room for random situations. We also know that relationships with customers are built for many years, which is confirmed by customers in their opinions on google or other partner websites. With over 10,000 successful implementations per year, we have extensive experience and we consistently supply our customers with products on which they earn dignity.
Our company KEMIŚ - House of Gadgets is an online wholesaler that distributes gadgets for retailers. The wholesale offer of our store is available only to logged in users. We sell gadgets that are the perfect solution for gifts and souvenirs, toys and various types of equipment that will make every party more pleasant. We are a direct importer of many goods available in our online store.
As a family company, we pay attention to every detail and we care about the satisfaction of our customers. We guarantee high-quality service from A to Z and we ensure that the list of our products only includes gadgets that we would like to use ourselves. We have been operating on the market as a wholesaler of gifts since 1982, which gives our customers a guarantee of stability and full availability.
What distinguishes us from other companies in our industry is trust and good relations with our business partners. We enjoy recognition in the market and continue to improve the position that has been built over the years. We are a company operating in B2B, therefore we do not constitute any competition for our clients, but we support them on the way to success.
Our company is located in Otwock at ul. Batory 4. - what distinguishes us?
One of the most important features that distinguish our company from others is the large selection and availability of products that we sell to our customers. A wide selection of gadgets at low prices is very important for buyers, because each of them strives for diversity and uniqueness in their industry and the possibility of constantly replenishing their assortment.
We regularly replenish our inventory so that each of our customers can receive their order in the required quantity on time. Our wholesale offer is designed primarily for those sellers who are thinking about multi-volume sales.
For our clients, we offer free displays provided for us by a manufacturer of gadgets and gifts. They allow in practice to better present the product in the store and make it easier to notice the product on the shelf.
We care about the aesthetics of our gadgets and every detail, so we try to ensure that each product reaches our customer in a nice, clean package, if any.
The products offered by our online warehouse have appropriate product certifications, incl. CE.
Original gadgets for everyone
Our offer includes many interesting gadgets for various occasions. On the website, we have a wide selection of gadgets perfect for an occasional gift, e.g. on the occasion of Valentine's Day for a loved one. The assortment also includes various types of games suitable for both children and adults. We also sell toys and various gadgets that enable entertainment for the youngest and older consumers.
For all those who make the event perfect from start to finish, we offer decorations that can be used at weddings, weddings, birthdays or other organized parties.
All customers with a sense of humor can get funny gifts for various occasions that will cause an avalanche of laughter and good humor. We also offer various small items, such as key rings, decorative candles and occasional disguises.
Everyone who likes unconventional versions of practical gifts will find funny mugs and other gadgets useful in everyday activities.
When offering our assortment, your store will always have a very wide range of products for customers with various needs.
Why is it worth using our services?
Our wholesaler of giftware is first and foremost a professional, friendly and helpful service that will answer all the questions of each client. We provide all our clients with a catalog that allows you to search for products at specific prices, so the service is smooth and the orders are clear and transparent for each party. Our clients are informed about the price list very reliably and accurately, therefore there is no room for mistakes in the transaction process.
Our offer is divided into both outlet products and new products. We keep our consumers informed about new products and products that are worth paying attention to.
During transport, we primarily care about the safety of our products, which is why we pack them with the greatest care, securing them as well as possible. The standard of service is fast shipment of products and reliable consideration of all complaints for the benefit of our customers.
The company's history:
1982 - the Foto-Film Agency is established. 100% of Polish capital. Area of ​​operation - Poland. Basic activity - advertising photography, reportage, amateur photography.
1992 - Agencja Foto-Film becomes Labopak Sp. z o.o. 100% of Polish capital. Area of ​​operation - Poland and all countries of the former Soviet Union. The main activity is import and export of envelopes and photographic packaging.
1994 - Establishing cooperation with Kieser Druckerei GmbH & Co KG Neusass / Augsburg. Change of name to Kieser Polska Sp. z o.o. Polish-German capital. The basic offer is Kieser photographic packaging and envelopes. Area of ​​operation - Poland and all countries of the former Soviet Union.
1997 - Kieser Moskwa separates from Kieser Polska.
2002 - The formula of trading in the products of one producer runs out. Change of name to Labopak. 100% of Polish capital. Our offer is extended to include all the necessary packaging for a photographer.
2008 - We make a strategic decision to expand our assortment with gadgets, gifts and souvenirs. We start retail sales in our Gadgetex chain of stores and on the advertising market as Labopak.
2009 - Our offer of gadgets exceeds 250 products.
2011 - We are expanding our warehouses to definitely increasethe volume of products offered. We exceed 2,000 gifts on offer. The website is created
2013 - We make a strategic decision to close our retail network and focus all our attention on the wholesale market. We set ourselves the goals of creating the widest market offer with the fulfillment of the order within 24 hours (based on our stock levels). We also do not want to compete with our own customers - therefore we completely withdraw from retail.
2016 - The annual number of wholesale orders exceeds 5,000, the number of products on offer 5,000. We become a member of the Family Business Foundation.
2020 - Like most companies in Poland and around the world, we are facing a pandemic. We manage to survive, make an overview of suppliers and the entire range. Decisions are made about slight adjustments to our wholesale offer for stores. We end cooperation with the lowest profitability and quality of products. We focus our efforts on developing the product wing for 1.2,5 zlotys stores in the segment of cheap gadgets and cheap gifts. We are also expanding the range of exclusive gifts at wholesale prices exceeding PLN 50 net.
Using the experience of our family business, you choose the highest quality products, carefully packaged and safe. When carrying out each order, we also try to provide the highest quality service and a part of ourselves.
Thank you very much for the subject matter and we invite you to further cooperation!


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