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Back Scratcher
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Back Scratcher   How many times have you wanted to scratch yourself, but couldn't reach it? To make the matters worse, it always happens when there is no one around to give you a hand. From now on, this telescopic metal back scratcher will ...
Workman Wine Bottle Holder
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Workman Wine Bottle Holder   Buying a wine as a gift and you don't want to wrap it in a dull bottle gift bag? Instead, try using metal wine bottle holder that looks like a workman with tools. Lovely interior design item for everyone. The ...
Tightening squeeze XL
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Tightening squeeze XL   A soft and pleasant to touch tit crush. For all nervous or wanting a break after a hard day. Our research indicates that squeezing the bust causes that 86% of men experience almost instant relief in stress. A trick in ...
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Telescopic squeegee for windows
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Telescopic squeegee for windows Do you always have a problem with reaching the highest glass parts when washing the windows? This simple solution greatly facilitates accurate removal of water from the window - telescopic squeegee. It extends to ...
Singing fish - sings and moves
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Singing fish - sings and moves   Fantastic fish that will definitely improve your mood. After pressing the button, the fish sings two songs: "Do not worry, be happy" and "I will survive" and moves the head amusement. There ...
Sexy opener with magnet
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Sexy opener with magnet   Sexy Bottle Opener is a great gadget that every man or woman should have. The task of the opener is to get rid of the cap from each bottle. It is unmatched in this task. A metal bottle opener with a figure of a woman ...

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