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Placemat 43 x 28 cm table polypropylen placemat. Easy to wash. Assorted.   Size: 43 x 28 x 0,1 cm Weight: 0,05 kg 
Astronaut USB light
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Astronaut USB light Astronaut-shaped USB-powered LED light. Adjustable and posable cable makes it easy to set the angle of the light. With on/off switch. Great alternative to a desk lamp. Features: - astronaut-shaped light - USB-powered - ...
Wooden Home Sweet Home Decoration for Hanging
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Wooden Home Sweet Home Decoration for Hanging   Lovely stylish home accessory for hanging. Three wooden planks tied with a string together read Home Sweet Home. Great item for every household. Housewarming party item.   Features: - ...
Sexy Ribbon Bow
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Sexy Ribbon Bow   Sometimes it is very difficult to find a present for your partner. Especially if you know each other for a long time and he already has everything he needs. If that is the case, here is an idea - you are the best gift he ...
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Seashell Glass Nuggets
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Seashell Glass Nuggets   Set of seashell-shaped glass nuggets in various colours. Sold in a net. Wonderful for your own compositions in a vase display or large bowl.   Features: - set of glass nuggets - colourful seashells - lovely ...
Mini battery operated fan
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Mini battery operated fan   A portable windmill that allows you to create a bit of wind on hot days whenever you need it. Convenient design allows you to put a windmill or hold it in your hand. Battery powered makes it possible to be switched ...

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