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Nero Sport Bouncing Ball
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Nero Sport Bouncing Ball Soft, bouncing ball by NERO SPORT made of high-quality fabric. Can be used in many disciplines and during the warm-up. For younger and older gamers. The texture of the ball allows the accumulation and increasing impact ...
Dead Fred Pen Holder
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Dead Fred Pen Holder Modern silicone dektop pen holder that looks like a dead man. In this case the man is called Fred and you can stab him straight in the heart as many times as you like. Use it for your favourite pen or pencil and get rid ...
Beer Belt
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Beer Belt The summer is coming... So the camping and fishing trips! And there is nothing better than ice cold beer of your choice right with you. Check out this beer belt for 6 cans of your favourite beer (or soda). The pockets are perfect for ...
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Tube squeezer
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Tube squeezer   Incredibly useful gadget in the form of a tube extractor. A simple utility pattern that is not noticeable. None of us like this moment when the toothpaste ends, the backup is gone, and the old one has this annoying tip that ...
The tap on the water for children - the duck
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The tap on the water for children - the duck   Colorful extension of the tap on the faucet that makes it easier for children to use the basin. Fully made of plastic. The overlay will certainly encourage your child to wash their hands ...
Plush Animal Finger Puppets
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Plush Animal Finger Puppets   Adorable plush finger puppets. Simple way to play with your children and let them develop imagination and creativity. Several models available - assorted. When buying 54 pieces display stand is free of ...

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