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Takeaway Mug
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Takeaway Mug Ceramic mug with colourful rubber lid and sleeve, thanks to which you can easily hold it with hot drink inside. With decorative silicone flower on the lid. Assorted.  Size: 15 x 8 x 8 cm Weight: 0,3 kg 
Pencil with Swarovski Stone
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Pencil with Swarovski Stone Beautiful black matt pencil with Swaovski crystal placed on the top of the pencil. Elegant item for every lover of Swarovski's style. Assorted colours. Features: - pencil with Swarovski stone  - the stone is on ...
Ping pong set - unicorns
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Ping pong set - unicorns A set of rackets for playing ping pong (table tennis). Even without having a ping pong table, you can have a lot of fun, e.g. by bouncing a ball. Lovely discs in the shape of a unicorn head. The trays are made of plate. ...
Dinosaur Hatching from a Volcano
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Dinosaur Hatching from a Volcano Amazing magic volcano for every kid. Place the volcano in transparent cup and add water. Watch the volcano sizzle for the next 20 minutes. Change the water and wait for 24-28 hours to see the volcano crack. By 72 ...
Magic Worm
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A magic worm A soft and cuddly worm that will move between your fingers, walk on your hands and jump. Great fun for adults and children with a bit of illusion and dexterity. The fluffy worm is placed on a special line, thanks to which you can ...
Mermaid Pen
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Mermaid Pen   Extraordinary polyresin pen with extremely popular mermaid theme. Colour of the ink: black. Great stationery item for every mermaid lover regardless of age. Several wonderful models available - assorted.  When ...
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