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Casse-Tetes - Set of 4 Puzzles
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Casse-Tetes - Set of 4 Puzzles Perfect gift idea - a set of 4 metal puzzles in nice-looking window box. The puzzles have various difficulty levels. Fun item for the whole family that allows to develop imagination and practise manual ...
Magic Worm
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Magic Worm Soft plush worm that wiggles between your fingers. Thanks to the hidden string it can move as it was alive. Assorted colours.  Size: 20 x 9 x 1 cm (blister; size of the worm: 22 cm) Weight: 0,01 kg
Pin Art
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Pin Art Interactive pin impression toy for both children and grown-ups. Amazing item. Assortment of 3 colours. Features: - colourful pin impression toy - assortment of 3 colours - item loved by everyone - develops imagination and ...
Squeeze Poop Toy
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Squeeze Poop Toy   Soft poop-shaped toy for squeezing. Perfect item for every prankster regardless of age. Healthy, cheap and effective way of fighting stress. Funny gift idea for everyone. Item sold in blister ...
Magic Trick
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Magic Trick   Amazing set for magic show. 22 tricks available - assortment of items. Now every kid can become the master of magic tricks.   Features: - set of items that are necessary to perform a magic trick - 22 tricks available ...
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Pinscreen Pin Art Toy. A screen of pins that can move freely to make any image. Thanks to this interesting gadget you can have a unique relief of your face or hand, or anything you want, framed and set on your desk. Size: 13 x 18 x 6,5 ...

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