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The interactive mouse speaks, repeats

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Catalog Number 090,61-6974
Kod EAN: 4029811358434

Ilość: 3

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The interactive mouse speaks, repeats
Mascots are among the favorite children's toys. The taste for soft, lovable animals made of plush has been unchanged for many, many years. However, there is nothing to prevent the mascot from being modern and interactive. A toy that "talks" with our child can achieve an even better effect than the mascot itself.

Gadget at a glance:
- interactive mouse
- talkative mouse that repeats words
- will cheer up every toddler
- powered by 2 batteries

Product dimensions: 16 x 14 cm
Product weight: 0.200 kg
Minimum order: 1 piece
Stand / display: collective carton 12 pieces 
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 10 August, 2020.
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