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Gutterhead - game of depraved minds - English version

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Catalog Number 087,HH17
Kod EAN: 0634158726231

Ilość: brak

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Gutterhead - game of depraved minds - English version
Gutterhead is so simple that you can learn rules in 90 seconds. Teams must reach their depraved minds and compete in duels to win and guess the password. One player from each team draws a devilishly nasty word while their teammates feverishly try to guess the password before the opponents do it. The first team that guesses correctly wins the round.
Each box contains: 240 playing cards divided into 5 categories ("Person / Place", "Object", "Action, Feeling / Sensation" and "Naughty or Nice") Game board and dice, 4 boards and pens and 4 pieces in the shape of a pile.
Game rules. Political incapability and many broken friendships.
Product dimensions: 26 x 26 x 6 cm
Product weight: 1.13 kg
Minimum order: 1 piece
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This product was added to our catalog on Monday 10 June, 2019.
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