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Exclusive Byzantine metal chess pieces

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Catalog Number 19, 227152
Kod EAN: 5902067227152

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Exclusive Byzantine metal chess pieces
Our chess pieces refer to the tradition of the Byzantine Empire, which dominated Southeast Europe and Asia Minor for nearly 1000 years. Chess figures are sometimes inspired by the famous Macedonian dynasty, whose members sat on the imperial throne in the years 867-1056. During the Macedonian dynasty, the Byzantine Empire entered the phase of development and prosperity known as the Byzantine Renaissance. The Byzantines adhered to the classical period, extending it with Christian elements that became an inspiration for the art of subsequent epochs. It was a time of prosperity, prestige and military power of the Empire. The chess pieces are packed in a beautiful, luxurious wooden box.
Inside, a carefully made molding for arranging and safe storage of figures. The chess pieces and the chessboard were made by hand with care to maintain the highest quality.
The gadget at a glance:
- exclusive Byzantine brass chess
- zinc alloy pieces and pieces, brass chessboard
- chessboard dimensions: 20 x 20 cm
- the height of the king 4 cm
- chess pieces packed in a luxurious wooden box with a molding for safe storage of figures and pieces
- hand-made, in Greece, the famous company Manopoulos
- a unique gift for a chess lover, a great prize for the winner of a chess tournament

Product dimensions: 28 x 28 x 6 cm
Product weight: 2 kg
Minimum order: 1 piece
Stand / display: none 
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 13 May, 2022.
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