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European astrolabe keychain

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Catalog Number 19,220115
Kod EAN: 5902067220115

Ilość: 5

European astrolabe keychain
Keyring made of brass. The sky map is set to a latitude of 41 degrees. Due to their size, the scales are miniaturized. It is primarily a decorative object on which an initial instruction on the operation of an astrolabe can be possibly made.
An astrolabe is an astronomical computer that determines time from the position of the sun and the stars. Thanks to it, it was possible to find out what time it was centuries ago. This trivial question was once, in the pre-smartphone era, a great challenge. Thanks to it, it was possible to determine the time of phenomena such as sunrises and sunsets, it made it possible to determine the position of stars and directions. It was used to create many advanced calculations. The astrolabe recreates a 3D sky map on a flat surface. It was also a navigation device. Its story began over 2,000 years ago. Over the centuries, knowledge was developed and more and more complex devices were built. Much of this is due to Arab scholars. Sources say that thanks to this device, for example, a very detailed map of Baghdad was created in the Middle Ages. It is thanks to them that in the 12th century the astrolabe came to Europe. It was the most common astronomical instrument until around 1650, then it was replaced by more precise instruments.

The gadget at a glance:
- European astrolabe keychain
- decorative device
- hand-made
- material: brass
- dimensions: 4.5 cm x 0.5 cm without the chain
- gift packaging with an injection molding, wrapped
- a great gift for an astronomer, a gift for an astronomy lover
Product dimensions: 17.5 x 7.5 x 3 cm
Product weight: 0.25 kg
Minimum order: 1 piece
Stand / display: none 
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 13 May, 2022.
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