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Gra erotyczna - Sweet

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Catalog Number 098,LABPL009
Kod EAN: 5902768132281

Ilość: ∞

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Love game for couples - Sweet with handcuffs

Number of players: 2 people
Players' age: 18+
Spiciness level: 2/5
The goal of the game: building partner relationships, talking about love dreams, gentle caresses, keeping time and focusing on mutual needs

You will go to the delightful world of a smile and joyful love and erotic adventure. Sex is also great fun that can bring a smile and provide a joy to spend time together. Thanks to the Sweet game, you will enjoy a new form of love approach based on having fun. An approach that goes beyond the standard perception of sex as a great and inflated passion. Thanks to this game, you will taste in sweet fritters without overly focusing on the top, but we provide a lot of smiles. If you want sex to bring you not only pleasure but also joy, it is a game of you. If you want to learn how to improve your mood in the bedroom, then this is a game for you.
The game is accompanied by handcuffs with fur, which will add piquancy during the next meeting with your loved one.

RAZEM games are very professional social games, the aim of which is to deepen relationships between partners. Emotions and feelings in the relationship more and more often become a victim of a fast way of life, in which there is no time to cultivate the time spent TOTAL. Recovering routine and repeatability are often a growing problem, which in the absence of proper conversation and communication between partners can be catastrophic. Social Games TOTAL is an element that allows you to temporarily stop time, gradually open up partners and sincere informing about your desires and finally a really great fun full of laughter, passion and exploding feelings.

Contents of the package:
- handcuffs with fur
- board
- 24 cards with erotic tasks
- 35 tokens with points
- 2 pieces + cube
- game rules

Gadget at a glance:
- great love and erotic game for couples
- beautiful fun, full of smile and joy, deepening relationships in the relationship
- handcuffs with fur in the set
- 24 cards with tasks
- buy and immediately send a picture of the package with an invitation for the evening for your other half

Product dimensions: 30.5 x 21 x 3 cm
Product weight: 0.62 kg
Minimum order: 1 piece
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 18 May, 2016.
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