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Arcana of Love Deluxe (3 decks) - English version!

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Catalog Number 080,523067
Kod EAN: 5904012523067

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Arcana of Love Deluxe (3 decks) - English version!

Number of players: 2

Age of players: 18+

The DELUXE set includes all 3 decks (Romantic, Passionate and Spicy) that can be used separately or combined. The DELUXE edition also includes a blindfold and handcuffs that will help you achieve more intense sensations.

Each deck contains as many as 55 cards with various tasks, challenges and dismantling cards that can be freely combined between decks.

Decks and gadgets packed in a box

Game rules:
The game is about mutual caresses, determined by the instructions on the cards. The necessary condition for the game is to follow the instructions diligently and passionately. The game has two variants - classic and scenario, dosing sensual experiences. This deck is delicate and sensual - perfect for getting to know each other, opening up and spending a romantic evening crowned with shared pleasure.

Target group:
People who are just getting to know each other, starting life together, dating or are shy and want to open up more. For shy people or people with a high need for control who expect something more from games in the bedroom, but do not necessarily know how to communicate it.

Contents of the package:
- 3 x 55 cards with quests and challenges to complete
- game rules

Gadget at a glance:
- erotic game Arcana of Love Romantic deck
- simple rules, very enjoyable gameplay
- 3 x 55 cards with romantic and fun quests
- a very nicely released and developed game
- a wonderful journey full of good taste for partners who want to deepen their relationships and give themselves pleasure
- the game is a great gift for a couple (for a bachelor / bachelorette party, wedding, anniversary) or a gift for a loved one (e.g. for birthdays, name days, Valentine's Day)

Product dimensions:  23 х 17 х 4 cm
Product weight: 0.67 kg
Minimum order: 1 piece
Stand/display: none

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